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Click to pay HMRC via Card Payment :  VAT-PAYE/CIS Tax-Personal Tax-Corporation Tax

Collect Direct Debits yourself : (Click Here) for the ability to collect direct debits from your customers however large or small your business. No sign up fees.

The cost is simple. 1% of each item up to a maximum of £2 per item. That's it! Follow the link above for your first few for free. Very quick for variable or repeat value transactions.

Pensions-Auto Enrollment : The workplace pension is now starting to become an issue for smaller companies as their "Staging Date" approaches. This is where you need to have set up and start applying your workplace pension. As it can take time to set up, communicate to staff and check any existing pension arrangements, pension companies are urging companies to start the process. To find out more and especially when your staging date is, you will need your PAYE Reference. Once you have that, click on the link above to find out your staging date for your business.

You can also check to see if your existing pension scheme is likely to qualify under the new rules. Click here to find out more. However, we can, if you prefer, put you in touch with one of our trusted Independent Financial Advisors, who would be happy to assist you with the review.

Pensions-Declare Your Compliance : Here is the link to the Pensions Regulator website so you or your advisors can declare your compliance.

True Potential-Employers Information : An information pack will shortly be available for this.

True Potential-Employees Information : An employee handout will shortly be available.

Startup Documents : Informing HMRC you have started to trade (CWF1)  -   Reason for obtaining a Self-Assessment account (SA1)

Benefit Entitlements : Try this independant calculator to see what benefits you could be entitled to. 

Minimum Wage Rates : Click here for the latest national minimum wage rates.

Shared Parental Leave : Click here to see what your employees are entitled to and for the various forms from ACAS.

Maternity Pay Calculator : Click here to calculate your employees maternity pay entitlement.

Can Your Employee Work in The UK : Take the test here.

State Pension Age : Finds the age you are entitled to draw the State Pension.

New Sage Comparison : See the list of features the new Sage One has and compare it against the Sage 50 desktop versions. Which would be best for you?

Unused Personal Allowances : Where a married couple or civil partners have personal allowances unused in a tax year, up to £1,060 worth can be transferred to their spouse for 2015/16. £1,100 for 2016/17. (10%) There is a proceedure that needs to be followed, but it is worth up to £212 for 2015/16 and £220 for 2016/17. You can either follow this link to claim online or telephone HMRC on 0300 200 3300, write to HMRC or claim via your tax returns if you both do one. You will need both spouses National Insurance numbers to hand.


We are currently developing what we offer within our resource centre, so watch this space for new items coming soon.