Payroll Bureau

  • We operate a fully RTi compliant payroll services for our clients and can email you the payslips on a weekly basis, monthly basis or a combination of weekly and monthly, along with gross to net reports and HMRC liability reports.
  • Under RTi, you MUST take steps to submit your payroll details BEFORE any payments are made to employees. We can help guide you through the RTi minefield so that you do not get the penalties that HMRC are so eager to levy on businesses.
  • We can also submit details to HMRC each month so that your payment to HMRC is automatic. Ie, so that you do not need to manually go online and pay HMRC each month. Many clients appreciate this part of the service. You will of course be informed of the amount beforehand and this is an optional part of the service.
  • We can also submit CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) returns to HMRC via online filing for your business. This will then be added to your payroll liabilities and you will be informed of the total amount that is due. If you get CIS tax knocked off your sales as well, then if you are trading as a company, this can be knocked off your monthly PAYE/CIS tax liability and again, we can deal with all that for you.
  • In addition, if you are paying subcontractors, we can prepare the CIS statements for your subcontractors on a month by month basis. These should be given to subcontractors by the 19th following the end of the tax month and is a legal requirement.
  • P11D’s for benefits in kind can all be taken care of through our dedicated software which ensures you are compliant and are using the up-to-date rates for Tax and National Insurance purposes. Again, these are filed online to HMRC on your behalf taking the hassle away from you.
  • We have a dedicated area where you can securely upload your wages data to us for processing.
  • Another dedicated section of our website is our clients’ login area, where clients don’t have to request copies of wages information, they can simply login and download t as and when they require it. This part of our website is optional, so if you don’t want this information to be available to download, then we will hold this information securely in a separate area of our secure servers.