Annual accounts 

Company accounts

  • Preparation of small or medium sized company accounts.
  • Joint ventures-2 or more companies sharing at a common goal.
  • Group accounts-preparation of company accounts where one company owns one or more or parts of other companies.
  • Includes abbreviated accounts so you only have to disclose the minimum of information about your company publicly.
  • All compliance with Companies House filing requirements and the Companies Act and International Accounting Standards as and when they are introduced.
  • Dedicated accounts disclosure software-ensures that your accounts are all compliant.
  • iXBRL accounts submission to HMRC via specialist software
  • Accounts prepared with credit ratings evaluated.

Company Secretarial Services 

We can act as your agents in respect of filng various documents at Companies House such as

  • The annual Return
  • The issue of additional shares
  • Transfer of shares
  • Directors added, deleted or their details, such as address amended.

We also act as the registered office for several of our clients. Ths ensures that statutory post comes to our address for us to act upon for you. It also provides a secondary address other than your personal address if you operate your company from your home address.

Sole trader accounts, Partnership Accounts

  • Accounts prepared from your records for inclusion within your tax return.
  • Your circumstances are taken into consideration as to whether the accounts may be needed for credit or mortgage purposes.

Income and expenditure accounts

  • These are a smaller more simplified version of a set of sole trader accounts. There is no balance sheet, but may often be cheaper to prepare.
  • A great value alternative to full accounts if you do not have many balance sheet items.
  • No need to balance the bank account, saving time and money.

Software solutions

  • We are a Sage agent and can provde clear advce on what package may suit you and your business.
  • We also can provide a simple spreadsheet for our clients if they prefer at no cost to anyone who is signed up with us.
  • We also use other accounting packages which we can recommend which we have used in the past. We only recommend products that we have prior knowledge of so we can help you if you get stuck.

Management accounts


  • For businesses typically with a turnover in excess of £1million.
  • We can provide a mini set of accounts prepared to the same exacting standards as the annual accounts, but giving you peace of mind that your business is on track. If it isn’t, we can do something about it much sooner than if you prepared accounts annually.
  • We can also help if you wanted to provide a bonus scheme for your employees. You could designate a fixed percentage of the monthly net profit to be given to employees (The bonus pot), each month. This works well and has proven to incentivise employees to “Gel together” to improve business productivity and profits.
  • You will also see a dramatic reduction in the fees in respect of the annual statutory accounts which need filing as a lot of the preparatory work has already been completed. The only other aspect to consider is tax, notes to the accounts and other disclosures along with personal tax planning.

Quarterly management accounts

  • By far our most popular form of management accounts preparation.
  • Keep in control of your business whilst keeping costs down.
  • Assistance with the preparation and submission of your VAT returns as part of the service.
  • Regular advice as to current topics concerning for example, Annual Investment Allowances and letting you know how much allowance is left for the year.
  • A great peace of mind alternative to annual accounts. The more you see and speak to us, the more we can help and get to know your business and make relevant suggestions to help you.
  • Option for us to attend your site to prepare these accounts so that we can get to know your business better and also so that your systems are as up to date as possible. What’s the point of all the corrective journals being on our systems. Your accounts package may as well be up to date in the first place.

Month 10 tax planning accounts

  • It is what it says. We prepare a set of management accounts up to your month 10 of your financial year.
  • We can then make certain tax planning recommendations BEFORE your year-end has gone by.
  • This is applicable if you are a profitable company and are seeking to reduce your Corporation Tax bill.